Stuff I Nag People With

My life changed completely starting with March 2009.

Since then I gathered tons of useful info that helped me become a healthier happier person. I try to share them here, along with my daily struggle to become stronger, faster, healthier.

Since I am very disorganized and i need to have a clear goal, I started a "Fitness Class" from RunKeeper. I will train to run a 10K under 60 minutes in 16 weeks. For now, with a month break, everything seems very hard but i will try to stick to it. 

This is the class I picked:

Yesterday was Week 1 Day 5 so I timed my first proper 5K: 33:33 minutes, with a red traffic light on the way. I also found that awesome 5K route, starts and ends pretty close to my house with enough warm-up/cool-down distance. And no hills :)

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