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My life changed completely starting with March 2009.

Since then I gathered tons of useful info that helped me become a healthier happier person. I try to share them here, along with my daily struggle to become stronger, faster, healthier.

I found a really awesome blog! Brian Martin writes it, it’s about running technique, it also has shoe reviews (yey!) and he wrote a very nice ebook I am planning to buy. You can check it here: I am very interested in the mechanics of running and when a book promises to 

make technique and the complex area of biomechanics understandable for runners of all levels of ability

it’s got my attention.

But until I get the book, I checked out this the article about exercises that improve running form and I liked it:

Approaching strength training for running the right waymakes it a legitimate and effective approach to improving running technique.  The key running technique tip is to focus your efforts on functional strength and coordinationexercises that closely resemble the muscle activation patterns needed to sustain good running form.

In a previous post and in my book I’ve written about the neurological adaptations that help stimulate improvement, and made the argument that these are critical to unlocking the possibilities of running with better technique. The“practice” element of strength and coordination training is all important to improve the overall efficiency of any complex movement – especially in running.

You can find the pdf with the exercises here:

Blog post:

Enjoy! :)

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